IAPA Sentiment Analysis Course


Sentiment helps you to detect attitudes and predict intent?

Discover best-practice approaches that use modern text-mining and predictive analytics techniques to gain insight into consumer opinions and forecast behaviours.

Sentiment marketing has become essential in the marketers arsenal. In this course, you’ll advance your knowledge of text analysis, sentiment and content analysis, and opinion mining. Develop a deeper understanding of how to work with unstructured text data (in particular, social media) and learn how traditional machine learning/predictive analytics techniques can be made use of for the purposes of sentiment analysis.

To get the most from this course, it is recommended that you have completed the Practical Predictive Analytics course or have a reasonable understanding of the basics and some advanced analytics techniques.

Duration:​ Up to 6 months

Learn to:

  • Retrieve social media generated textual data from the Web
  • Understand and effectively address common challenges in text analysis
  • Apply best practice approaches to textual data pre-processing and enrichment techniques including normalisation, tokenisation, stemming, lexicons creating and usage
  • Gain insight into using modern analytical techniques to derive sentiment from the data

Course covers:

In this sentiment marketing online course you’ll learn how to analyse unstructured text data and reveal insights that aid business decision making. Text-mining approaches, relationships between text-mining and predictive analytics, relevant commercial and open source tools, and the datasets most conducive for sentiment analysis will be examined.

Through engaging online content, you'll explore the following modules:

  • Module 1: What is Sentiment Analysis?
  • Module 2: Data Retrieval for social media analysis
  • Module 3: Data pre-processing
  • Module 4: Deriving sentiment and relevant predictive modelling techniques overview
  • Module 5: Common challenges and alternative approaches to sentiment analysis

Who should do this course:

  • Analytics professionals working with, or wanting to work with, unstructured text data
  • Those with a foundation level understanding of analytics and wanting to work with unstructured text data to determine sentiment.
  • Analytics professionals working with the marketing department.
  • Text analysts – marketers and customer engagement – customer loyalty CRM

Sentiment Analysis Course is part of Analytics Certificate.

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