IAPA Analytics Fundamentals

Course: SCANFONL  |  Available online or inhouse

Learn the Fundamentals of Analytics. 

Discover the essentials of analytics and discover different tools that will help you draw insights from analytics.

IAPA is now delivering analytics courses online. In Analytics Fundamentals Online, we’ll examine the essentials of analytics, explaining the tools and their most appropriate use. You’ll discover how to draw insights from analytics, enabling you to predict emerging trends. 

Our Analytics Courses are designed for those who are curious in nature, enjoy problem solving an prefer a self learning, exploratory approach to knowledge. This course provides a broad foundational understanding of analytics that is vendor, technology and tool agnostic and without the pressure to code or program - perfect for those early in their analytics learning journey.

Duration:  Up to 6 months

Online delivery: Via ADMA IQ

Learn to:

  • Apply basic analytics principles and definitions
  • Investigate analytical tools and techniques
  • Identify the role the analytical lifecycle plays in solving problems and setting objectives
  • Explore business analytics and its value to organisations
  • Share and draw insight from analytics results
  • Examine emerging trends in analytics

Courses covers:

During this engaging online course, you’ll explore the fundamentals of analytics, ensuring you develop a solid understanding of the process. Through interactive theoretical practices, you’ll look at the appropriateness of tools and skills to specific analytics challenges. Relevant case studies will also be provided.

Online Specific Modules:

  • Module 1: Defining Analytics
  • Module 2: Analytics Lifecycle
  • Module 3: Analytics Techniques
  • Module 4: Tools for Analytics I
  • Module 5: Tools for Analytics II
  • Module 6: Delivering Results
  • Module 7: Emerging Trends

Who should do this course?

  • Those new to analytics
  • Those managing analytics teams

Analytics Fundamentals Course is part of Analytics Certificate.

Entry Level Course

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