IAPA Data Visualisation Course for 2023

Course: SCDVSONL  | Available Online or Inhouse

Learn to translate data into visual and insightful stories

Establish your own data visualisation techniques that will help sell your analytic results to business decision makers.

In this data visualisation course, you’ll discover how to use, translate, and present data in an enticing and informative manner. You will draw upon data interpretation and convert these into commercial insights; you will learn data visualisation at an introductory level to advance your knowledge with tips and techniques with the goal of being able to effectively present your data and conclusions to a variety of audiences - whether they are familiar with data visualisation or not.

This course is desiged for those who are curious in nature, want to learn data visualisation and new ways to present data, enjoy problem solving and prefer self-learning, exploratory approach to knowledge. This course provides a broad foundational understanding of data viz that is vendor, technology and tool agnostic and without the pressure to create - perfect for those early in their analytics learning journey.

Duration: Up to 6 months

Online Delivery: Via ADMA IQ

Learn to:

  • Define what data visualisation is and identify different examples of data visualisation
  • Identify analytics tools that can help you discover data
  • Determine the types of variables in data visualisation
  • Identify the relationships of data visualisation
  • Understand both how to make data memorable and the techniques involved in visual storytelling

Course covers:

Online, you’ll dissect business goals and the process behind the decision maker. Looking at visual perception design, discover how to select the most compelling and appropriate approach to deliver the analytics. Current and effective examples will be shown as guides to illustrate this.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Data Visualisation
  • Module 2: Discovering Data Visualisation
  • Module 3: Storytelling with Data
  • Module 4: How to Present Data

Who should do this course?

  • Those new to analytics
  • Those managing analytics teams

Data Visualisation Course is part of the Analytics Certificate.

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Entry Level Course

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Available as an inhouse workshop

Run the data visualisation workshop as a half day or full day session just for your team either face-to-face or virtually.

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