About IAPA

IAPA (Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia) was established in 2004 to meet the professional, educational and networking needs of those in, what was then, a small niche area called analytics.

A Vital Part of Modern Business

Today, while leading organisations increasingly see analytics as a vital part of modern business; others are yet to fully understand and embrace the role of analytics in better business decision-making. But this hasn't slowed demand for analytics professionals, with intense competition for the brightest data science, analytics and business talent. Similarly, IAPA has grown to be the largest analytics community in Australia with chapters in all capital cities.

Strategic Role

IAPA promotes the growing strategic role played by data analytics in the business arena. IAPA is committed to aiding executive understanding of analytics' role in business transformation and data-driven decision making; as well as developing recognition of analytics professionals in the wider business community. This includes establishing standards of practice, excellence, accreditation and education. IAPA also assists and supports organisations to find and retain staff, build high-performance teams, develop staff skills and enhance the perception of key analytics roles within the C-suite.

IAPA Community

IAPA's community now includes over 7,500 professionals (and growing) from across the industry.

IAPA Membership

IAPA now offers paid memberships at individual or corporate levels. Membership also enables you or your team to apply for an industry recognised analytics credential.

Organisations with strong data science, analytics and business intelligence competencies, join IAPA as corporate members to demonstrate to staff and the public their commitment to enhancing analytics capability, advancing the careers of team members and promoting data-driven decision making. IAPA corporate membership benefits accrue to the analytics-savvy organisation and all analytics team members within the organisation; including the IAPA analytics credential.

Individual members join IAPA to be an engaged and active part of the analytics community as individual members can apply for an IAPA analytics credential.

IAPA Structure

IAPA currently operates six chapters in Australia - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide. Each Chapter runs Quarterly events that highlight leading practice from industry and provide a unique networking opportunity for our members and the analytics community.

IAPA is part of the Australian Computer Society (ACS), the professional association for Australia's technology sector.