The hunt is on for the best in analytics in Australia

Industry body, IAPA, to recognise the Top 25 Analytics Leaders nationwide

Sydney, NSW – 8 April 2020 – IAPA, the peak body for analytics professionals in Australia, today announced the 2020 IAPA Top 25 Analytics Leaders program is now open for nominations.

IAPA, the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia, is the professional organisation for the analytics industry in Australia, incorporating business analytics, data mining and AI across multiple disciplines and sectors.

“Analytics is a valuable addition to organisations in both good times and challenging times," said Annette Slunjski, Managing Director, IAPA. "In the midst of the current pandemic, there has never been such a thirst for data-driven insight that can guide your business, your industry and even your country.

“Analytics Leaders are at the forefront of delivering insight for better strategy, innovation and business decisions. They champion data-driven decision making with the c-suite while mentoring and assisting junior talent."

The 2020 IAPA Top 25 Analytics Leaders will be judged by a panel of leading analytics and business leaders and recognise excellence in strategy and impact; influence and advocacy; innovation and improvement; and team growth and leadership.

“Domo is a strong believer in the power of a data-driven culture and organisation, and the capability for analytics to be leveraged at scale to transform a business. We’re excited to be supporting the recognition of the best analytics leaders in Australia and their achievements through the IAPA awards,” said Amy Christopher, Director of Marketing and Account Development, Domo.

“Strategic, data-led decision-making has never been more critical than now and can empower employees and businesses with the insights they need to sense and adapt to change. We’re pleased to be a part of the forefront of this inspiring area of data and analytics and its potential for Australian businesses.”

“Analytics leaders are the linchpin to the successful delivery of business value from analytics. It’s great to be recognising them for their leading-edge role for the third year,” stated Slunjski.

The IAPA Top Analytics Leader from 2019 was Sean Pereira, Director - Business Analytics, JLL. The top 2 analytics leaders in 2018 were Matt Kuperholz, Chief Data Scientist, PwC and Sandra Hogan, Group Head, Customer Analytics, Origin Energy.

Nomination forms and further information is available from the IAPA website at with nominations ending on 11 May 2020.

The IAPA Top 25 Analytics Leaders is supported by Domo.