Paper: Standing out with storytelling

Discover why data storytelling is the 'must-have' skill for analytics professionals

Just as data is essentially useless until it is used to generate insights, so too, insights are of little value if they can’t be understood and acted upon by the people they benefit.

And so this notion of using data to tell a story – often referred to as data storytelling – is becoming a key requirement in a data professional’s toolbox.

IAPA commissioned this look into data storytelling, supported by Sisense, and featuring Antony Ugoni, CDO at Bupa and IAPA Advisory Chair; Keegan O'Shea, Principal Consultant for Customer Data Science at Suncorp; Lois Gamerman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Soft Stuff Distributors; Cameron O’Riordan, Director of Sales and Marketing at Stack Sports; and Harry Glaser, Chief Business Officer at Sisense.

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