Sponsored whitepaper: Embedded Analytics Trends for 2020

It’s a developer's world out there. As we move into 2020, we are recognizing the power of the builder — in every company, for every developer. Developers are more important than ever in the success of their companies. Developers have a seat at the table, investigating and testing solutions before they’re purchased, becoming an important part of the decision-making process. 

Developers, with their knowledge of applications and business, can make changes in vendors' applications so that everything (process, product, results) is easier, friendlier, and better for all.

That’s where these 2020 embedded trends come in. We predict that the world is becoming more developer-friendly, and in return, it will make the developers’ work easier, and the outcome for their customers better. 

It’s going to be a developer-friendly year, and these trends will lead the way. 

  • Buying Open Platforms
  • More Customizations
  • Multiple Implementation Options for Embedding Analytics
  • Cloud-Native Will Enable Growth and Efficiency
  • APIs Will Be a Game Changer
  • AI Will Become Embeddable

Download a copy of the whitepaper thanks to Sisense