Data and HR in a Pandemic

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During the pandemic, organisations of all kinds have had to both scale up and downsize quickly. Essential services have had to expand to meet demand, with some needing thousands of new hires immediately. Other businesses have had to furlough staff, with some even cooperating with other organisations to find their staff other work, helping ease the transition to their workers’ next steps.

Technology, especially around hiring and HR, has had to evolve rapidly. New ways of working, which may have emerged years from now on their own, have become table stakes in just a few months. 

Some of these new workforce trends include: Rapidly scaling up human power, direct sourcing of talent, emergency communications, redeployment, as well as internal mobility, outplacement, and well-being/development. Key to all this is data, and those organisations that are data-driven have been on the leading edge of these changes.

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