Making analytics your career

In the spirit of "you can't be what you can't see", we share thirteen different roles in analytics. Based on the responses from the IAPA Women in Analytics Spotlight, each person provides a snapshot of what their day to day is like.

Could one of these roles be your next career step?


Manager, Data Visualisation & Governance

Accountable for making sure - design and development of reporting & visualisation platforms ensuring all visualizations (dashboards and reports) provide actionable insights that business users can easily consume and make effective decisions. Performing strategic role that sits at the core of value creation, utilizing leading edge data & analytics solutions and turning data into actionable insights. Establish and rollout an enterprise data governance roadmap with a focus on improvement of data quality and the protection of sensitive data through modifications to organization policies and standards, principles, governance metrics, processes, related tools and data architecture. Lead, mentor the team with thought leadership.

Krutika Patel - Aesop

People Analytics Consultant

I am deeply involved with generating insights for HR and businesses for any of their people related problems/requests covering all facets of an employee from entry to engagement to exit. In my role I support in translating complex people related problem into simplified, tactical and actionable items that are always data driven. Also involved a great deal in building interactive dashboards and aiding the business and HR to self-serve a lot of insightful information. I also mentor the young interns & graduates in the team who are looking to build their career in this space.

Ruchi Priya - Allianz

Data Engineer

Data warehousing, Data wrangling, Data migration.

Binita Poonam - ANZ

Data Analyst

Usually, I will be assigned some tasks requested from the stakeholders in different functional departments including category team, marketplace team, buying team and warehouse team, etc. After catch up with the stakeholders, what is critical is to understand and identify the business problem, then I will work out a framework of the analysis task, collect and process raw data, carry out analysis, create a visualized analysis report and provide some insights to the end users including proposing suggestions to the stakeholders to help decision-making.

Fiona Wu – New Aim Pty Ltd

Head of Data Science

I have the pleasure of working with an amazing team at ANZ bank addressing complex business problems and supporting end-to-end home loan journey for our customers, using the power of data and data science. This means the type of analytics activities that I am involved in, spans from reporting/BI and data analysis to advanced Artificial intelligence products in every stage of home buying journey, including:

  • Helping customers searching for properties, with most accurate free property price prediction platform powered by an advanced machine learning engine.
  • Application of descriptive and predictive analytics in the marketing domain, enabling personalised marketing and developing customer propositions.
  • A suite of BI and management reporting providing timely actionable insights for business decision making
  • Uplifting the data infrastructure and automation in the Home Loan application process, to reduce time to home loan decision for our customer.
  • Forensics analytics and remediation, ensuring a well-managed product suite is delivered and mistakes of the past are remediated in a scalable manner.

As head of data science, an important part of my role is to set and execute data strategy and uplift data analytics capability in the organisation. To ensure the data analytics unlock business value and sustainably deliver impact, part of my day to day activities isensuring innovation with data is embraced, analytics solutions are adopted smoothly and the analytics capability is uplifted across the business. 

Mohadeseh Ganji - ANZ

Digital Analytics Manager

Data strategies for BUPA digital estate including iOS and Android apps.
Driving the personalisation program.
Actively working on projects to remove data silos.
Bringing in data from multiple sources to be able to tell a story about joined customer view.

Binnu Verma - Bupa

Head of Data Strategy

My team and I deal with a wide range of analytics to enable outside-in insights about value through the eyes of our customers, market and opportunity identification across our businesses, and digital analytics. 

Janice Carey - Bupa

Head of Data Sustainability

Every day, CoreLogic works with data from over 7,000 data sources - with some datasets going back over 30 years.  The Data Sustainability function is responsible for working with clients, solution teams, technology leaders and information suppliers to design and deliver compliant and robust solutions to support decision making in the property ecosystem.  On any given day, I could be brainstorming with a client to define a problem statement, working with the analytics team on model experimentation, liaising with internal and external parties to source/improve attributes to increase model performance, performing data ethics and compliance reviews, working with technology teams to lift data processes or assessing new data opportunities to improve our offerings.  I am fortunate that I get to work across such a broad range of data challenges with passionate and talented data people!!

Jolie Baasch - Corelogic

Customer Insights Manager

A good mix of time 'in the data' with various tools, as well as lots of stakeholder collaboration. Top of mind throughout, is ensuring the right questions are being asked of the data, with the right benchmarks and that the resulting 'story' is synthesised to be clear, concise & visual.

Nicola Shawyer - Cotton On

Associate Director in Forensic Data Analytics

A typical day involves collaborating with the team on a number of projects, specifically projects to do with payroll remediation, super remediation or fraud investigations.

Emma Higgs - KPMG

Senior Consultant in Data Ethics

Everything from simple models to complex AI, data sets to de-identified data.

Dr Kobi Leins (GAICD) - NAB

Senior Data Scientist

My core focus is to develop and test predictive models and advanced analytics techniques to gain value from the varied and interesting data the business has gathered. To do this effectively, I work closely with platform teams, data engineers to understand more about the end-to-end data pipelines and work with machine learning engineers to productionise the models. I also spent time to build use cases for potential applications of machine learning as well as facilitate sessions to articulate business benefits and impacts of the models that are being built. Analytics is a team sport. So, I also participate in or lead problem solving sessions. I’m also involved in planning sessions.  I’m particularly excited about mentoring team members keen to move into data science as well as conducting recruitment interviews to fill in vacant roles in the team.

Having donned 3 very different roles over the last 12 months as a Senior Data Scientist across financial services & retail industries and Analytics Manager in financial services, I have found that while the above activities remain the same, the proportion of time you spent varies quite a bit depending on the role you are in, industry and size of the organisation.

Ann Sebastian - Wesfarmers

Chief Data & Analytics Officer

I haven't been on the tools for some time now, so my day is more about relationship management with executive stakeholders. Both to share highlights of the work my team are delivering to help them achieve their business outcomes, and/or understanding their business goals and problems to identify opportunities to add value with data and analytics. Basically, talking all day!

Kathryn Gulifa – WorkSafe Victoria