Just how are data analytics professionals in Australia faring? Help us find out: Complete the IAPA Skills & Salary Survey 2023

Understanding how the role of the analytics professional is evolving is a vital task for IAPA. The IAPA Skills & Salary Survey has become an important benchmark for doing just that.

This annual survey of the analytics industry is designed to gauge how technical and soft skills are in demand, the salaries and stature of analytics professionals in organisations today, and the challenges they face against business and customer priorities. Insights from this survey also provide a critical information source for how IAPA, as the largest analytics community in Australia, supports and serves its members.

We’re now calling on the community to play their part and complete this year’s survey, sponsored by Tableau from Salesforce. Help us by having your say in the 2023 edition of the IAPA Skills & Salary Survey and click through the link below.

The survey should no more than 10 minutes to complete. Those who choose will also go in the prize draw to win one of five $200 gift tokens.

Over the years, the IAPA Skills & Salary Survey has shown us the gaps in gender parity, provided insight into salaries across all levels of role, told us where leaders are struggling to find the right skills, how businesses perceive analytics as a strategic imperative, and more. We’re looking forward to combining these former data points with fresh insight to help you, the modern analytics executive and leader, continue to thrive.

So help the industry and yourself and get cracking on the survey now. Surveys must be completed by no later than 29 September 2023.