Did you know? Facts and figures from the last IAPA Skills & Salary Survey

Did you know the median salary for Australian analytics professionals in 2017 was $84,000 a year? Or that the top 10% were earning upwards of $235,000 per annum? How about the fact 7 in 10 of the profession were men? Or that one in three struggled to articulate their worth to the broader business?

These are just a few of the many insights that came out of IAPA’s Skills & Salary Survey in 2017. Now, we’re asking analytics professionals to help us gauge the shape and status of the Australian analytics professionals community in 2023 by completing the latest edition of this important survey.

Over the years, the IAPA Skills & Salary Survey has shown us gaps in gender parity, provided insight into salaries across all levels of role, told us where leaders are struggling to find the right skills, how businesses perceive analytics as a strategic imperative, and more.

For example, we learnt in 2017 ‘communications and influencing’ was the top soft skill required by analytics professionals in their positions, followed by change management. We also discovered Excel remained the dominant tool despite a growing array of platforms at the profession’s disposal, topping the list of most commonly used analytics tools in 2017. The top programming language, meanwhile, was SQL and variants.

When it came to disruptors, cloud storage was the imminent disruption analytics professionals were struggling with. Innovation was another challenge, with many across the spectrum finding it difficult to make time for blue sky thinking.

The IAPA Skills & Salary Survey is also an important gauge on the make-up of the analytics profession. In 2017, we discovered one-quarter of analytics professionals had a mathematics or statistics degree. Our survey also enabled us to identify an 8% pay gap between male and female analytics professionals. It was a smaller percentage than the overall Australian job market (15.3%), but a sizeable gap, nonetheless.

So does the pay gap persist? What is the main disruptor we’re worried about today? To what extent has programming language evolved? Are we still relying on the same degrees and skills to do our jobs, or is the shape of the analytics professional changing?

IAPA wants to find answers to these questions as well as the many more critical to ongoing development and growth of the analytics profession in Australia. Help us by completing the 2023 IAPA Skills & Salary Survey:

The survey should no more than 10 minutes to complete. Those who choose will also go in the prize draw to win one of five $200 gift tokens.

Surveys must be completed by no later than 29 September 2023, so there’s no time to delay – get your responses in today!