Analytics in every vertical

Analytics teams tend to be found in organisations with large amounts of data. Traditionally that's been financial services, telco, utilities and retail. However today with digital transformation initiatives, data inflows from more channels and new sources of data from IoT devices, organisations in every vertical are seeking to gain business insight from their data via an analytics team. Sometimes that's just two or three analytics professionals, other times the analytics team grows quickly as the analytics insight boosts profitability.

Every vertical can benefit from an analytics team - see these examples. 

We've taken five verticals and highlighted key members in those analytics teams as part of the International Women's Day celebration.

Building Supplies 

Reece Group

Reece Group is a leading Australian distributor of plumbing, waterworks and HVAC-R products to residential, commercial and infrastructure customers through 800 branches in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

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Michelle-Joy Low
Head of Data & AI, Reece Group

In a normal day, what kinds of data / analytics activities are you involved in?

“Everything I do is focused on embedded data and analytical in our DNA; value from analytics is only realised when decisions are changed to drive advantage – at all levels of the organisation. So no two days are the same; I’m deeply engaged with:

  • Executive leaders on topics of investing in analytical capability, data governance & literacy, designing future operating models
  • My team on analytical platform and organisational architectures future replete with opportunities across ML products, analytical decision-support and BI, and
  • Business and vendor partner teams all across Reece shaping domain strategies and the data capabilities (people, process, technology, data assets) needed to drive success”

Agriculture & Food

Simplot Australia

Simplot Australia is an agricultural and food manufacturing business, employing over 2,000 people across Australia and New Zealand and operates six manufacturing facilities.

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Neha Jain
Data & Analytics Manager, Simplot Australia

In terms of the future of analytics, what do you think will be the most interesting aspect/s?

“I personally feel the most interesting aspect is to leverage technology to accelerate test and learn activities. The power of analytics is only going to get stronger as it is not just about optimising current revenue/profit but is now starting to create new revenue streams for organisations.”




Crown Resorts

Crown is one of Australia’s largest entertainment groups. The group’s core businesses and investments are in the integrated resorts sector, including Crown Melbourne Entertainment Complex and Crown Perth Entertainment Complex.

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Dhilshara Fernandes
Employee Experience Change Manager, Crown Resorts

In terms of the future of analytics, what do you think will be the most interesting aspect/s? 

“Analytics will become a crucial skill across the workforce. With more and more organisations embracing analytics, ethical considerations will take centre stage and become increasingly important to how we operationalise and industrialise machine learning and AI”



Agriculture & Environment

Carbon Link

CarbonLink is an environmental services company based in Queensland, Australia delivering Agricultural Carbon Projects with a specific focus on Soil Carbon. 

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Melanie Zeppel
Data Scientist, Carbon Link

What are the biggest challenges you face?

“Working across time and spatially means that we need both carbon models combined with spatial modelling software. Sourcing data from a wide range of industry partners, who are all brilliant, with great products, but are highly sought after, means patience and negotiation skills outside my workplace are required. Being patient until I have all the data to run the model is my biggest challenge.”





Through SBS Radio, SBS Television and SBS Online, we tell the stories of humankind in more languages than any other broadcaster in the world; at last count, 68 languages on radio, more than 60 on television and more than 50 online.

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Lydia Yao
Sr Digital Analytics Consultant, SBS

What would be the proudest or most enjoyable moment in your analytics career? 

“Empowering senior leaders with solid data evidence to drive key strategic priorities and identify opportunities where we can improve the digital audience experience at SBS.

I'm also very proud to be part of an organisation that showcases diversity in our content to inform, educate and entertain all Australians.”