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Analytics: The Key to Driving Success Beyond COVID-19

In Navigating Change in Crisis, we explore how individuals and companies are adapting to a “new normal.” Learn how organizations, dev teams, and frontline users are adjusting to meet these challenges of our radically altered world.

The global pandemic has driven home the fact that data is vital to the success of every organization. Companies across Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) are realizing the importance of scaling and growing their analytics capabilities — something that has only become even more important in the COVID era.

Sisense recently surveyed over 460 companies across Australia and New Zealand to dig into their data and analytics usage and future plans. The results reinforce how critical analytics are to businesses in the region, both to succeed in the current environment and to grow in the future.

Dr. Alex Antic, voted as one of the top 10 analytics leaders in Australia by IAPA, and Sisense VP and GM of Cloud Data Teams, Scott Castle, recently discussed these findings, diving deep into how COVID presents countless challenges but also fresh opportunities for data analytics professionals. 

Who is leading the way?

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought an epochal change on every kind of business.  Suddenly every business (still in operation) has had to manage a new dynamic.

The first department to be affected by this change is marketing, as marketers ramp up their efforts to reach their company’s remaining customers. Today more than ever, it’s critical that marketers figure out what messaging is landing, and they’ve found that the most effective way to do this is through the use of data and analytics.

This is borne out by Sisense’s ANZ State of BI & Analytics Report 2020 Special COVID-19 Edition, which found 67% of respondents view BI and analytics programs as more or much more important to business operations now than before the pandemic, and marketing is leading the data and BI charge, with more than 50% of organizations reporting the marketing department is currently performing analytics or employing BI solutions.

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