5 Do's and Don'ts of Embeddable Analytics

Whether you’re producing automation software, SaaS products or cloud applications, it’s likely to assume you’re collecting a lot of data in the process.
With more and more companies and individuals understanding the value of using data to improve different aspects of their business, the ability to offer a powerful data analytics and dashboard reporting (i.e., Business Intelligence) feature within your existing product can give your software product the competitive edge that it needs and greatly improve the value you offer to customers.

Step 1 - Considering whether to buy or build an analytics platform
Consider the costs, time to market and end-product functionality of developing in-house

Overlook the possible hidden costs and time-sinks in some embedded solutions

Step 2 - Defining your requirements from embedded analytics
Consider your current needs

Underestimate your future needs

Step 3 - Choosing between different embedded BI vendors
Look for a vendor that offers full-featured software with fast implementation

Compromise on less than a full Proof of Concept before purchasing

Step 4 - Integrating embedded analytics in your products
Give your users the freedom to explore their data

Confuse your users with overly complex interfaces

Step 5 - Building a customer support model
Train your staff to properly handle common issues

Settle when it comes to ongoing support from your BI vendor

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