Will the gender pay gap improve in 2018?

One of the revelations that came out of the IAPA 2017 Skills and Salary survey was the state of the gender pay gap for the industry in Australia.

We can see below the changes in the median analytics salary by gender and industry from 2016 and 2017.

The main areas for concern for women in analytics are within the following industries:

• professional, scientific and technical services,
• information technology (hardware or software),
• information, media and telecommunications,
• and finance and insurance

Below demonstrates the difference in salaries between males and females with the biggest gap in the role of the General Manager.

While women working in the industry in 2017 enjoyed a small narrowing of their pay gap. The gender balance in analytics’ teams remains 1 in 3, with equal representation in the industry for women still a challenge.

The question on everyone’s minds is how is this going to shift in 2018? Is progress going to be made in the area of salaries for women in analytics? And by how much will the gap close?

The release of the 2018 IAPA Skills and Salary survey is just around the corner, proudly supported by Alteryx. It will be your chance to have your say on the current state of skills and salaries in the data analytics industry. Upon its release, it will be your chance to be heard.

In the meantime, you can view the 2017 IAPA Skills and Salary survey here.

2018 Skills and Salary Survey is supported by Alteryx