IAPA Whitepaper: Hit The Accelerator

What analytics leaders are saying about the growing symbiosis of business and data science

Data analytics increasingly sits at the heart of modern business. The emergence of new digital channels creates huge opportunities for data analysis, while a more competitive commercial landscape has evolved — with new insurgents arriving each week who begin life with data at their core.

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For data scientists and analysts, this presents a mixed blessing. Demand for their skills and influence continues, as do high paying salaries. However, the need to add business capabilities quickly and respond to the growing needs of the business puts extra pressure on teams.

During a series of interviews and round table discussions throughout the year, we asked leading data science practitioners about the challenges they face, how they see the mix of capabilities evolving, and the attitudes of management to the work they do.

Their thoughts may surprise you. And alongside the annual IAPA Skills and Salary Survey they shed more light on the increasing importance of data to contemporary business and how best analytics professionals can set themselves to meet business’ demands.

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