New Advisory Board lead the way forward for IAPA


We are pleased to introduce the new IAPA Advisory Board. The Advisory Board helps guide our strategy and campaigns to support analytics professionals and promote the recognition of analytics’ vital role across the organisation.

The new Board's wealth of knowledge and years of experience will aid IAPA in promoting the strategic and increasingly central role data analytics plays in business and to support the needs of those in the industry.

  • Antony Ugoni
    Director, Global Matching and Analytics, SEEK
  • Fiona Dowsley
    Chief Statistician, Crime Statistics Agency, Department of Justice
  • James Enoch
    Senior Manager, Education, SAS
  • Leif Everson
    General Manager, Business Performance and Analytics, Westpac
  • Rachel Green
    Director, LifeSpan, Black Dog Institute
  • Kathryn Gulifa
    Head of Customer Analytics Innovation | Customer Data & Analytics | Marketing | NAB
  • Sean Kain
    Senior Manager – Analytics & Data Engineering | Analytics & Insights | Customer Experience & Digital Channels, ANZ
  • Ingrid Maes
    Director of Loyalty, Data & Direct Media, Woolworths
  • Sigal Pilli
    CFO, Envato
  • Trisca Scott-Branagan
    Head of Marketing, ANZ Institutional