Awe or Armageddon: the reality of AI in business

04 Oct 2017

While the media reports on artificial intelligence oscillate between breathless awe and terminator-style Armageddon, the down-to-earth reality requires organisations to not get caught up in the hype but instead embrace the logical process, people and technology implications.

Artificial intelligence can be the agent of innovation – assuming the organisation is prepared for the business implications. 

Take the work done by NDIS to provide a service designed by their stakeholders to better suit their stakeholders’ unique requirements. The result is truly innovative, and world leading. But it took thoughtful consultation, structural adjustments and detailed planning to get it to the point of “Nadia”.

As one of the architects of the new style of NDIS service, Marie Johnson intimately understands the business and organisation preparations needed to enable artificial intelligence. As one of the expert speakers at the IAPA National Conference “Advancing Analytics”, Marie will share her journey of business preparation and innovation trail-blazing on 18 October 2017.

But before hearing Marie at Advancing Analytics, get familiar with the background in this LinkedIn post from Marie herself.