Analytics talent shortage is acute in marketing

05 Sep 2017

Surveys and anecdotal reports show the Australian market for analytics talent is extremely competitive. Organisations tell us it is difficult to secure and retain talent. As one of the key functional areas using analytics insight, marketing is no different. In the US a recent survey found that “marketing analytics is employed in 37.5 percent of business decisions, but only 1.9 percent of firms say they have the right people in place to leverage the information.” 

It’s a great time to become a marketing analytics professional!

But the 37.5 percent is concerning. It means over 60 percent of marketing decisions aren’t using analytics to guide the decision. Whether that’s because the talent shortage is limiting access or because managers aren’t seeking evidence for decision-making, there is enormous scope for greater use of analytics in marketing.

And enormous scope for talent from both marketing and analytics domains - analytics professionals with more marketing knowhow and marketers with an analytics education will be in high demand.

The full US report is available here.

To what extent does your company have the right talent to fully leverage marketing analytics?