First analytics credential in Australia launched

04 May 2017 by Annette Slunjski

Those working in analytics can be IAPA-certified via the first evidence-based Analytics Credential in Australia. The Credential recognises analytics skills and capabilities benchmarked to industry standards.

IAPA has developed a new global Analytics Professional Capability Standard and Credential model. The Standard underpins a world-first model that independently verifies the analytics capability level of an individual and proves they can apply the capability in their professional environment. The evidence-based Analytics Credentials provide recognition of an individual’s experience, knowledge and skills gained through professional practice in the workplace.

The Credentials are available exclusively as part of paid individual or corporate IAPA membership.

Why apply to be IAPA-Certified via Credential?

For those working in analytics and data, this independently verified credential attests to your level of skill on-the-job. Past levels of study are not specifically taken into consideration in awarding a credential. The evidence-based credential allows you to be recognised for the skills and value you bring to your work.

For employers and recruiters, the IAPA-Certified Analytics Credential provides third-party recognition of skills via evidence to improve confidence in the skill level of staff and potential recruits.

How to Apply for an IAPA-Certified Credential

Join IAPA as a paid individual or corporate member to access your credential as an integral part of membership

Join as an individual member

Enquire into corporate membership for your organisation

IAPA-Certified via Data Analytics Credential

This Credential is currently available at the Entry, Developing, Intermediate, Proficient and Advanced levels. Use the level indicators below to identify the level you should explore, and then get in touch with us via email

At this level you will most likely:

  • Have 6 months experience
  • Be a professional new to the workforce
  • Have ownership for a defined range of tasks
  • Support others to deliver outcomes while acquiring knowledge and skills

At this level you will most likely:

  • Have 1 years experience
  • Be a professional with limited experience but will increasingly develop knowledge and skills
  • Have personal responsibility for a broad range of work activities
  • Collaborate with others to deliver effective outcomes for the team

At this level you will mostly likely:

  • Have 5 years professional experience in this capability
  • Be an experienced professional
  • Have experience in operational roles
  • Coordinate actions across operations

At this level you will most likely:

  • Have 7 years professional experience in this capability
  • Be a senior professional
  • Have experience in function-level roles
  • Direct thinking or action across operations

At this level you will most likely:

  • Have 10 years professional experience in this capability
  • Be an advanced professional
  • Have experience in leadership roles
  • Drive actions across an organisation


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