Individual Membership


Individuals join IAPA to be an engaged and active part of the analytics community asĀ individual membersĀ and can apply for an IAPA analytics credential.

Get recognised

  • Qualify for an IAPA analytics credential
    • Apply for a data scientist, data analyst or business intelligence credential, recognised by industry as evidence of your skills and competencies
  • Showcase skills and talents of individuals
    • Via an online member profile in the IAPA member directory
  • Use the IAPA individual member logo
    • On resumes, applications and LinkedIn as a public demonstration of your commitment to the analytics community

Learn skills

  • Access online skills assessment
    • Match your skills to a competency framework to better understand strengths, gaps and most relevant analytics credential
  • Receive IAPA National Conference member rate tickets
    • Receive a 25% member discount on any tickets to the IAPA National Conference
  • Access discounts on registration to selected international conferences
    • Attend international conferences like Strata+Hadoop for less
  • Obtain discounts on analytics books
    • Purchase analytics books at up to 50% discount
  • Receive member rates for in-person and online IAPA education courses
    • Get preferential rates for one (1) IAPA analytics or data course annually

Know more

  • Access to the annual Skills and Salary Survey results
    • Check skills and salary by industry, role and experience
  • Access two research papers on industry-wide issues
    • Exclusive access to research papers on topics relevant to the analytics field
  • Receive the monthly IAPA newsletter
    • Straight into your inbox, the monthly newsletter features IAPA news and events as well as articles of interest to the analytics community
  • Increase understanding of global issues and advancements
    • Read detailed interviews from global brightest minds in analytics

Connect & network

  • Access to four chapter events annually
    • Individuals can freely attend all four events in their state

Have an industry voice

  • Industry voice in federal, state and local governments
    • Have a representative voice at all levels of government regarding opportunities and regulations in data, digital, analytics and privacy

Membership fee

IAPA Individual Membership annual fee is $495+GST. Additionally, all Members are required to agree to the IAPA Code of Ethics. To join, please contact us via form below.