Can analytics fight the great resignation?

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17 May 2022 

Can analytics fight the great resignation?

Part of the IAPA "Analytics of Significance" webinar series

The case for people and workforce analytics to attract and retain analytics talent.

Whether the great resignation is a “thing” in Australia or not, today the existing competitive talent market has moved into overdrive. Overnight HR managers are under pressure to design sticky retention strategies and boost acquisition success – but what are the strategies and policies that resonate with existing and prospective team members?

Join us after work for this people focused webinar, jointly hosted by workforce analytics expert and author Peter O’Hanlon and James Vaughan, Head of Data Products at CoreLogic, to better understand how people analytics can help to know what capabilities are needed, how best to plug the gaps, and track whether the tactics are working.

Date: Tuesday 17 May 2022

Time: 5.30pm to 6.30pm

Location: Virtual live

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Drawing on content from Peter’s book, “The End of the Middle: How Bots, People Analytics, and Remote Work spell the end of management as we know it“, the session will explore how combining artificial intelligence, people analytics, bots, employee experience and agile HR can transform your business into a scalable, efficient, data-driven - but very human workplace.

Specifically for analytics professionals, Peter and James will dive into a real-world case study from CoreLogic where analytics has informed the development of a Data Experimentation Framework to simultaneously deliver cutting edge results - and build analytics team engagement.


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Our Presenters

Dr Peter O’Hanlon
CEO and Co-founder, Zerophase
Author, "The End of the Middle: How Bots, People Analytics, and Remote Work spell the end of management as we know it"

Peter is currently CEO and co-founder of Zerophase, a business focused on shifting organizational behavior and building workplace resonance through the use of artificial intelligence. He has recently published "The End of the Middle", a book that explores the impact of People Analytics on management practices - particularly in the context of remote and hybrid work models. 

Peter was a founding board member of the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia, and has a diverse career straddling finance, government and technology sectors with data-driven roles in national security, financial crime management, marketing and product development

James Vaughan

Head of Data Products at CoreLogic

James is helping people build better lives through the power of property data, platform connectivity and analytics, and has a career helping customers unlock value through the use of data. James has a deep passion for all things data and has deep expertise across Banking, Finance and Property domains. He now leads the Data Products function at CoreLogic with responsibilities that straddle revenue, strategy, product management, data governance, innovation, and growing a world-class team.