Hints and Tips - Top 25 Analytics Leaders Nomination

At the launch of the Top 25 Analytics Leaders Program in March 2023, the judges provided some insights into hints and tips for your nomination in the 2023 Top 25 Program.

  • The first round consists of seven questions and two references. Each question should be answered in no more than 350 words. Best to add your responses directly into the form. 
  • The second round involves a 3 minute video.
  • Include activities and initiatives that have been undertaken since January 1, 2021.
  • Don't assume the judges have prior knowledge about you or your nomination. They will only make their judgment based on what is written in the nomination.
  • Judging is a rigorous process with debate around the nominees' responses to the criteria and their deep understanding of the space.
Round 1
Strategy and impact
  • Responses should address the criteria and should show how they delivered on the business needs including quantifying the impact so you know if it has been achieved.
  • Judges are looking not only on delivery today but how the nominee built a foundation for the next phase of delivery by understanding the strategy and looking into the future to anticipate where the business wants to go.
  • Identify new value and present it succinctly within the given word count of 350 words. This can be challenging but important in standing out as a nominee.


Influence and advocacy
  • Technical skills are not the only things that make you stand out at this level. As an analytics leader, it's important to possess soft skills such as influencing and advocacy. Provide a sense of your soft skills with examples.
  • Being able to think at a business level is crucial as an analytics leader, show how your work contributes to the business.
  • If you can speak to the entire value of the business in a credible way and quantify what your impact is, you become a fundamental pillar of the business. Talk about how you get invited to the table every single time at the start of the game.
  • As an analytics leader, engaging in CXO conversations is important. Include any instances where you were able to win the hearts and minds of CXOs such that they adopt your data approach and advocate for it, and shows that you’re a trusted partner.
Innovation and improvement
  • Include metrics and measures if possible, they are important for tracking progress and demonstrating the impact of innovation and alignment with the business strategy.
  • Innovation often requires thinking outside the box and breaking free from established norms while also considering governance and standards (especially in regulated industries). Demonstrate your ability to think critically and strategically, including out of the box thinking, that led to innovation.
  • Show how you have connected with the organisational values and mission, deeply understood the business and were able to demonstrate the impact of data analytics and improvements) on the organization's goals
  • Soft skills, such as communication and leadership, are just as important as technical skills when it comes to innovation. Show how you were able to effectively communicate the insights gained from data analysis and build relationships across the organization.


Team growth and leadership
  • A good leader is someone who can both retain their best staff and develop them for their next leap in their careers. Provide examples of how you’ve delivered retention and development.
  • Include any example of how you’ve championed team development and also how you’ve helped to develop the industry as a whole.
  • Include any examples of how you’ve developed the next generation of leaders and created a positive culture within your organization.
Round 2
Three Minute Video
  • Imagine you're in a slow-moving elevator and your CEO asks, "What have you done for me lately?" You have three minutes to answer.
  • Tell a story that is grounded in evidence and business value.
  • Show enthusiasm and passion for delivering against the business strategy.
  • Practice your video presentation to make the most of the three minutes you have.
  • Know your business and speak the CEO's language by quantifying the impact of your work.
  • While you might start with a script, avoid reading it as it hides your passion and suggests you don't know your business well enough. Rehearse with the script and then use dot points if you need.