IAPA, the peak body for analytics professionals in Australia, has announced the 25 people at the top of analytics leadership in Australia as part of the IAPA 2019 Top 25 Analytics Leaders program!

“As analytics matures, all verticals recognise the benefits of data-driven decisions and the value their analytics team can deliver,” said Annette Slunjski, Managing Director, IAPA.

“Leadership in analytics is so much more than technical expertise. Soft skills continue to be the difference between good and great while thoughtful stances on emerging issues like ethics, bias and transparency will be increasingly important to the role.”

All businesses stand to benefit from analytics-led insights. The 2019 cohort of top 25 leaders in analytics spans all industries from financial services, utilities and telco to eCommerce, education, software, IT and government.”

Top analytics leaders not only ensure the analytics team deliver value to the business, they champion analytics and insight-driven decision making with the C-suite and mentor junior talent to assist their team’s career progression.

Judged by a panel of leading analytics and business leaders, the 2019 IAPA Top 25 Analytics Leaders recognises excellence in four key areas strategy and impact; influence and advocacy; innovation and improvement; and team growth and leadership. In addition to identifying the cohort of 25 as the 2019 Top 25, the judging panel ranked the top ten analytics leaders.

Those ranked 1 to 10 are:
1.    Sean Pereira, Director - Business Analytics, JLL
2.    Kshira Saagar, Director of Data Science and Analytics, THE ICONIC
3.    Ashok Nair, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, QBE
4.    Tony Ohlsson, Chief Analytics Officer, Volt Bank
5.    Mohadeseh Ganji, Data Science Chapter Lead, Mondo
6.    Keegan O’Shea, Principal Consultant, Customer Data Science, Suncorp
7.    Aaron Artery, CEO, Customer Crunch
8.    Dean Marchiori, Head of Data Science, Internetrix
9.    Mario Ribeiro, General Manager Data and Advanced Analytics, Blackwoods
10.    Joanna Aldridge, Research Informatics Manager, University of Sydney

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The full cohort of 25 appears at the end of the article in alphabetical order.

Sean Pereira, Director - Business Analytics, JLL, with Top 25 Sponsors, Alfonso Tiscareno, General Manager - Sydney at Hudson; Annabelle Codrington, Director of APAC Sales, Data Intelligence, Altair Knowledge Works; and IAPA's Annette & Antony

“The Data Science and Analytics talent landscape is both exciting and challenging due to its rapid growth and evolution. These awards are not just a recognition of the outstanding work the leaders in this community are doing, but it’s a testament to those that are truly at the forefront of organisational decision making,” said Dean Davidson, Executive General Manager, Recruitment Australia and New Zealand at Hudson.

“Altair is a strong believer in the role of ROI to demonstrate excellence in analytics. For over 25 years we’ve helped analytics leaders show ROI through our end-to-end analytics solutions,” said Masatomo Ayame, Sr. Vice President – Asia Pacific, Altair. “With the analytics market rapidly expanding, analytics leaders need to master not only hard measures like ROI but also advocacy, influence, strategy, innovation and team leadership. As such, Altair is honoured to be associated with IAPA Top 25 Analytics Leaders to recognise the best amongst the analytics leaders”.

“Analytics leaders are the linchpin to the successful delivery of business value from analytics. We are proud to publicly recognise them for their leading role in building better business,” stated Slunjski.

The IAPA Top 25 Analytics Leaders is supported by Hudson and Altair Knowledge Works.

The 2019 IAPA Top 25 Analytics Leaders (in alpha order by last name)

Announcing the Top 10 in the 2019 Top 25 Analytics Leaders