IAPA National Conference "Advancing Analytics" 2022

Day 1 Program - 16 November - Docklands, Melbourne

Join us for morning coffee and a chance to chat to peers

 Antony Ugoni
Chief Data Officer, go1 and Chair, IAPA (AU)

Brad Petry
Executive Director, Operations, Insights and Digital Channels, Jobs Victoria, Victorian Government (and 2022 IAPA Top 25 Analytics Leader) (AU)

In response to the pandemic, Brad led the Jobs Victoria team that used analytics to remove flawed logic, bias and other manual processes from the job application processes to promote inclusivity and help people into work. Hear how data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning helped to deliver more efficient employment services and matching of applicants to vacancies – and positive feedback from both applicants, partners and employers.

Coert du Plessis
Chief Executive Officer, MaxMine (AU)

Mining is intrinsic to human progress and survival. It produces essential elements, not only for our modern lifestyles but also for our green NetZero future. The IEA estimates we need to mine SIX times more metals than we do today! To better manage humanity’s scarce resources, MaxMine was born and has mastered operationalising data with operators and leaders to optimise performance and reduce mining’s carbon footprint.

Coert will touch on 3 lessons learnt at MaxMine in accelerating and advancing analytics in mining, a traditionally slow adopter of digital and data technology. Big Data Gamification, Establishing Data Trust and Making Sustainable Impact

15 minute refreshment break

Rachel Atkinson
Analytics Development Manager, Ambulance Victoria

Dr AJ Lanyon
Program Manager, Statistical Infrastructure Branch, Australian Bureau of Statistics

A modern data economy at its most fundamental depends on recognising the importance of data skills and roles. This foundation creates a scaffold for industry to accelerate, skills to be better valued and greater insights to be gained. In this interview with Dr Lanyon, we explore the exciting work being undertaken by the Australian Bureau of Statistics that has a direct effect on analytics professionals and the analytics industry.

Abie Arumugam
Senior Strategy and Commercial Manager, Afterpay

Andrew Pym
Regional Partner, Servian 

Break - lunch and networking

Annelies Tjepjep, Director - Data & Analytics | PwC

Kshira Saagar, Senior Director, Data Science | DoorDash

Sandhya (Sandy) Iyer, GM Data and Analytics | Latitude; Director Go Girl for for IT

Dmitri Markman, Head of Climate Data and Insights | NAB

Moderated by: Lionel Kho | IAPA #1 Analytics Leader, 2021 

Vini Vivo
Head of Analytics and Insights, ASX

Kate Bower
Consumer Data Advocate, CHOICE

After several consumer data controversies in recent months, including the Optus data breach and CHOICE’s investigation into the use of facial recognition tecnology in retail, consumer trust in businesses handling of data is at an all-time low. I’ll present CHOICE’s original research on the issues of most concern to consumers and suggest how we can restore trust in the system, so consumers and businesses can share the benefits of responsible data use while being protected from the harms of bad data practices. 

Jaimie McGlashan
Data Scientist, WorkSafe (Victoria)

Keith Russell
Interim Director Outreach | Manager, Engagements and Expertise, Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC)

The Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) drives the development of national digital research infrastructure to provide Australian researchers with competitive advantage through data. Hear the lessons learned in maintaining a data-intensive digital research infrastructure and platform, including the main considerations for structure, governance, collaboration, access and maintenance of data quality? 

Czarina Deldio
Business Analytics and Insights Manager, Rheem ANZ

20 minute refreshment break

Antony Ugoni - Chief Data Officer, go1 (AU)
Kathryn Gulifa - Head of Data and Analytics, Catch (AU)

Moderated by Annette Slunjski - Managing Director, IAPA

Sameli Mäenpää
SVP, Chief Data Officer, OP Financial Group (Finland)

OP Financial Group’s Data Balance Sheet provides an open and transparent description of the governance, management and use of data in Finland’s biggest financial services group. Hear Sameli discuss how OP Financial Group uses data to develop banking and insurance services, to achieve greater understanding of the customer’s needs, and to secure the future of the Finnish financial system. The Data Balance Sheet describes how they use data to realise the Group’s strategy from the business, customer benefit and risk management perspectives. For customers and other stakeholders, the report provides information on the key principles and practices governing responsible and safe data processing.

 Antony Ugoni
Chief Data Officer, go1 and Chair, IAPA (AU)

Light refreshments and networking

Program subject to change without notice

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