12 Days of Christmas - Day 2: Freebie

AI Artwork

The influence of machine learning and artificial intelligence now extends to what are considered very 'human' domains - like journalism (eg ChatGPT) and art (eg today's IAPA gift). While there are many issues to be considered as we navigate these new use cases, there is also a wonder at just how good the output can be.

Today's 12 Days of Christmas gift was created by Artificial Intelligence for IAPA and as such is a unique artwork that we now offer to you.

Feel free to create art, wallpapers, lock screens or any other application for your personal use.

This piece of Art has been generated by Midjourney, an independent research lab that creates images based on textual prompts using Artificial Intelligence. The algorithm used to create this image is trained using labelled data. This data is in the form of pre-defined images alongside a corresponding caption and description. The data resides in huge databases, and following extraction, the algorithm is set to learn. Such a training method allows the AI to not only differentiate images based on text, but also understand the semantics of the text to create and inspire entirely new and unique pieces of Art.

This Art’s prompt was “Van Gogh’s Starry Night, re-imagined”.