IAPA National Conference: Advancing Analytics 2019

IAPA’s National Conference moves to Sydney in 2019.

Highlighting real-world issues and developments, Advancing Analytics 2019, will be held on 30 October at the ICC in Sydney.

Now seven years since data scientist was labelled the ‘sexiest job of the century’, the analytics landscape has rapidly moved on and today can potentially transform industries and re-make organisations.

Today’s journey for the true analytics professional involves making analytics matter using technical expertise within an ethical framework via excellent soft and leadership skills.

Making analytics matter...
        ...to stakeholders and the c-suite.
        ...to government and society.
        ...across industries and organisations.

Hear from global and local experts on how they are making analytics matter to their decision makers, organisations and ultimate audience. The issues they’ve overcomeand the paths they have taken.

Join us on 30 October and be part of the journey of making analytics matter in your world.

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