Speaker Stories: Michelle Perugini

Co-Founder, Life Whisperer

Dr Michelle Perugini is an entrepreneur, academic and an internationally renowned expert in health, medical research, advanced analytics, and cognitive AI. Michelle spent the first 13 years of her career in health and medical research specialising in predictive genetics and translational medicine. In 2007 Michelle co-founded the innovative start-up ISD Analytics where she led the research and development, and commercialisation, of its award-winning human-population behaviour predictive analytics software product Simulait. ISD Analytics was acquired by Ernst & Young (EY) in 2015 and became one of EY’s global suite of analytics products.

Michelle is now working with and mentoring various innovative technology start-ups, and is a co-founder of Presagen and Life Whisperer - where artificial intelligence (AI) is applied to better identify healthy embryos for IVF. Michelle will be presenting on the application of AI in healthcare and some new advances in technology that are enabling its widespread adoption across the industry.

Michelle’s presentation will delve into an advanced AI driven medical diagnostics platform that enables rapid development of diagnostic assessment models using cutting edge AI and computer vision techniques. Michelle will close off her presentation by sharing a case study on how AI has been leveraged to solve a very specific industry application in the fertility sector, improving IVF outcomes through using AI to better select viable embryos.

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