Advancing Analytics Program

Program and speakers are subject to change

Thursday 18 October 2018
7.30 - 7.35
Conference Welcome
7.35 - 8.55
Hot Breakfast Insights - can natural language and automated insights make dashboards sexy again?
  • How the business intelligence problem facing executives today is impacting decision-making
  • Making fast decisions underpinned by AI-powered dashboards that interpret the data and generate insights
  • What is the best practice industry uses cases for automated insights using natural language generation and expectations of time, investment and value 
9:05 - 9:50
Making the black box transparent: the ethical and operational impacts of AI and robotics
  • What is Explainable AI? And, what is currently lacking in the AI/ML/Analytics?
  • What are the driving forces of XAI?
  • Understanding the Impacts of explanability and interpretability in industry; including autonomous vehicles, healthcare and finance
  • Balancing trust and AI-enabled systems; How can and should we trust AI-enabled systems?
9:50 - 10:35
First-hand perspectives from the boardroom: how the c-suite really views the role of analytics
  • How do data-driven leaders approach business differently?
  • Leadership that empowers the analytics team
  • Key traits of analytics professionals that impresses the c-suite

Moderated by Stephen Porges

10:35 - 11:05
Morning Tea
11:05 - 11:35
Business Stream
Embryonic business: AI as the genesis of transformation in fertility and beyond
  • Understanding the impact of AI on healthcare transformation
  • Solving real-world problems using purpose built AI solutions
  • Life Whisperer – a case study of successful application of AI to improve pregnancy outcomes for patients      undergoing IVF
Technical Stream
The new world of cloud data warehousing – a deep dive

Data warehousing is dead, long live data warehousing!

At an increasing rate, organisations across many industries are creating and applying innovative data-analytics driven applications for everything from improving internal, operational processes and to providing exceptional customer experiences. All depend on timely and reliable analytics.

This session explores new world, built-for-the-cloud architecture and gets under the hood of the technology that combines diverse data sets, automatically scales to meet ever changing application demands while delivering consistently great performance.

11:35 - 12:05
Living in an exponential world: the essential elements for business in the future
  • Preparing your organisation for a future at the speed of light
  • Harnessing exponential technologies like IoT and big data
  • Do we all need robotics, analytics and blockchain in business?
Increase your Analytics productivity with AI – a deep dive into IBM Watson Cloud Services

This session focuses on how to add artificial intelligence into your analytics analysis - from the collection of streaming data and preparation of structured and unstructured data through to the analysis using machine learning and AI. This tutorial will walk you through the IBM micro-service information delivery concepts and how you can add Watson-based services to your next initiative. Join Kieran as he goes under the hood of next generation business insights, data integration and AI-enabled analytics.

12:05 - 12:35
Leveraging data for greater business benefit: a retail example
  • The business implications of mass data collection
  • How analytics leverages even the most innocuous dataset
  • Is there hidden revenue streams in your data and analytics?
12:35 - 1:35
1:35 - 2:05
Turning analytics into your business success secret weapon
  • Approaches to aligning business strategy and analytics capability
  • Delivering win-win outcomes to analytics teams and business stakeholders
  • Team development as an objective not an after thought
Boosting the speed of your machine learning and analytics efforts – a deep dive

Machine learning / artificial intelligence are noted as the most highly sought skills in recent IAPA surveys. With various programs and options available to build machine learning models, analytics professionals are also faced with increasing time pressures to build, train and deliver to production machine learning models. Join Data Scientist John Hawkins for this deep dive into the automated AI platform used by Virgin Australia and medical insurer Avant. The indepth session will demonstrate how the platform from DataRobot can train and validate various ML models rapidly - with the chosen model able to easily scale to production environments.

2:05 - 2:35
  • Juggling expectations of internal stakeholders, patients, clinicians  and the analytics team
  • Why both a  top-down and bottom-up  approach matters for success
  • Digital transformation lessons from a healthcare setting
Explaining deep neural networks and AI – a deep dive

Deep neural networks are complex and opaque. As they are used in a variety of important and safety critical domains, ways to explain predictions are being sought. Join Brian in this deep dive session that technically explains explainable AI.

Brian will share an approach to explaining deep neural networks by constructing causal models on salient concepts using autoencoders trained to extract human-understandable representations of network activations. This results in the ability to identify and visualize features with significant causal influence on final classification.

2:35 - 3:15
Is the interface to AI the analytics game changer?
  • How might business stakeholders and customers interface with analytics
  • Will analytics & AI be the new face of an organisation
  • What skills are going to be required to enable this direction?
3:15 - 3:35
Afternoon Tea
3:35 - 3:45
What's your talent worth?

A sneak peek at the outcomes of the 2018 IAPA Skills and Salary Survey

  • Which skills are in demand?
  • Has the median salary changed?
  • How difficult is hiring analytics professionals?
3:45 - 4:15
Getting real: the ethics and impact of AI and analytics
  • When the rubber hits the road, what can your analytics really reveal?
  • How to know if AI / ML is right for your business and understand the implications
  • Bringing the analytics team on the advanced analytics journey too
4:15 - 5:00
Making a difference: Data Science for Social Good
  • Improving the world with analytics
  • Recognising and reducing algorithmic bias for better outcomes
  • Using machine learning to solve large-scale problems
5:05 - 6:00
Networking drinks