Speaker Stories: Brett Goldstein

Managing Partner, Ekistic Ventures (US) and former Chief Information Officer and Chief Data Officer, Chicago City

Tech entrepreneur, police officer and the city of Chicago’s first chief data officer are titles that only skim over Brett Goldstein’s work at the forefront of developing systems using predictive analytics and AI and applying them to urban governance.

From beat cop to CDO of Chicago Police in 7 years, Goldstein is best known for unlocking crime data from across the Chicago PD, and overlaying that data with predictive analytics tools to create what colloquially became known as ‘murder maps’. These data maps of the city provided signals to beat cops and special operations squads that anticipated where and when murders may occur and led to a significant drop in killings over three years. Key to that success, and the main theme of his keynote address, Silo busting: how data and predictive analytics transformed Chicago, was breaking down the silos that existed within the police force to get cops and officers to share knowledge and information about crimes.

Now at Ekistic Ventures Goldstein has renewed his entrepreneurial spirit and invests in tech start-ups with the goal of improving urban environments through technological innovation.