Get Technical Session

In 2017 we are holding dedicated ‘get technical’ sessions where hands-on analytics professionals can get a deep-dive into the technical aspects of leading edge technologies and techniques.

“Get Technical” brings together up to four technology stations in an intimate circuit format where detailed discussion and technical deep-dives are encouraged. Each station features a technical expert presenting her / his application of the technology followed by a technology expert to perform a deep-dive into the technical heart of the technology. 

Each station is attended by up to ten delegates who move to a new station every 40 minutes.

Get Technical

Get Technical Stations

Machine learning and AI in practice (and beyond) using Tensorflow

Gus Nalwan, AI Tech Lead at
Daniel Ma, PhD student at University of Melbourne
Scott Thomson, Customer Solutions and Innovation APAC at Google

Learn how AI using Tensorflow was used by to build Cyclops. A trainable image classification technology based on a Convolution Neural Network model. Cyclops is able to classify if an image contains side of the car, interior front, GPS screen, sunroof, engine, tyre, etc with 97.2% accuracy. Hear how AI is leading medical research and interventions today and into the future. Finally explore the API options built using open-source TensorFlow for speech, natural language, translation, vision and video analysis.

IoT and big data ecosystems: What the 'moneyball' of holistic sports analytics can teach business

Sally Lydia Paech, Managing Director at OrganiQ
Aaron Reynolds, Director of Sales and Marketing at Pernix
Robert Vandenberg, Business Development Manager at Yellowfin

It used to be all that mattered was your kicking, marking and goal tally. Today AFL and other professional sports use big data and analytics to more closely monitor and better manage team performance.

This session reveals the technical inside story of the sports analytics ecosystem, from the technical challenges of Internet of Things (IoT) dataflows, manipulation of real-time data and providing the resulting insights for instant game-day decision making. Beyond the game, in an Aussie-style ‘moneyball’, the same ecosystem provides insights in injury management, rankings and player market values to guide player selection

Domo: Powering the Data Revolution at Oneflare

Sarah Hayward-May, Senior Solutions Consultant at Domo
Nick Hede, Technical Business Consultant at Domo
Ken Tabuki, Head of Analytics, Oneflare
Nathan Scully, Senior Analytics Manager, Oneflare

Sometimes it can be a struggle to present analytics insights in a compelling way to business decision makers – and in a way they understand instantly.  Data story-telling is data visualisations on steroids and can help to influence decisions … but attaining visualisation nirvana can be a bumpy ride that evolves over time as business needs and analytic understanding matures.

Learn how Oneflare used Domo to make their analytics insights uniquely valuable to c-suite and business decision makers in a time efficient way that also allows the data, analysis and modelling behind the scenes to continue. Oneflare have built a solution that allows business decision makers to self-service insights within the parameters they define.

Finding the voice of unstructured data captured within your organisation

Belinda Haden, Director of Analytics at Verint
Nathan Kriekenbeek, Customer Insights Analyst at AGL Energy

Gain detailed insights into how to harness unstructured voice data to improve data models, gain richer insights for customer analytics and enhance cyber security efforts. In this technical session you’ll discover how to analyse and extract insight from contact centre voice data – in real-time or from the vast repository of recorded calls. This includes waveform analysis for emotion detection and sentiment analysis.