La Trobe University : Analytics Short Course

Course: LT-ASC

Data Visualisation

Using data storytelling to deliver compelling insights

La Trobe Business Analytics is offering a one-day masterclass for individuals interested in understanding how they can deliver more compelling data and insights to their colleagues and customers by leveraging data storytelling and narrative development, combined with design thinking and effective data visualisation. The hands-on workshop component will show participants how data can be visualised to add another dimension to the analysis that when married with the right storytelling, can become a powerful tool to effect change within the organisation.

​Introduction part 1: Data visualisation framework & data basics

Participants are introduced to the role of data visualisation in the context of analytics and the inspirations it draws from historical visualisation techniques. They learn different types of narratives that data visualisation can bring about and a discussion of the framework – which focuses on three principles that guide all visualisation creation: information, engagement and design

Part 2: Audience engagement & design thinking

Participants will then learn the importance of sourcing the right data and undertaking appropriate data preparation prior to visualisation. Different types of visualisations are then introduced including an appreciation of their purpose and how to use them. Participants will also learn to engage with their target audience through storytelling techniques. The session then concludes with an introduction to dashboards and some modern user-interfaces for data visualisation.

Workshop: Turning data into visuals

The second half of the day will be a hands-on workshop for participants to turn theory into practice. They will begin by working on a standardised data set to understand the key steps to effective data visualisation. They will be introduced to basic data preparation techniques in Excel, undertake the loading process to transfer the Excel data into the visualisation environment, creating the measures and dimensions within the visual tool before pulling all elements together and turning them into visuals on a dashboard and report format. The workshop will conclude by introducing alternative tools from the Open-Source space, where they can create engaging storytelling visuals from their data that otherwise do not fit a dashboard context.


La Trobe Business School, City Campus,
Level 2, 360 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria


The one-day session is priced at $760, including GST. An alumni fee reduction of 10% is available on all Business Analytics workshop fees


Thursday, 19 October 2017





Contact name:

Kok-Leong Ong


[email protected]


(03) 9479 3107​