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The Top Websites For Big Data

Thursday, 28th August 2014

The Naked analyst Episode 8 looks at the best sites to learn about the world of Big Data.

Here are my top 6 sites. They range from the easily digestible to the totally immersable and possibly overwhelming.

  1. Dataversity ( daily updates of the latest Big Data News, Articles, & Education - not too overwhelming with 1 or 2 items each day.
  2. Planet big data ( is an aggregator of blogs about big data, Hadoop, and related topics. In terms of volume of news, it is a step up from Dataversity with up to half a dozen items daily.
  3. SmartData Collective ( a commercially run and moderated business community for business intelligence, predictive analytics, and data professional bloggers.
  4. BigData Startups ( is a European site that is making an effort to track the ‘market buzz’ - especially emerging companies. Hundreds of companies are profiles so it can be a bit overwhelming for those new to Big Data.
  5. Data Science Central ( is a good online resource for big data practitioners and quality is maintained by content being actively moderated. This saves it from being overwhelmed by marketing crap.
  6. R bloggers ( is more for practitioner Analysts and may be overwhelming for those new to Big Data - but it is a fantastic resource for anyone using the R language to do real stuff. And besides, a list of Big Data sites just has to include one covering the R community because it is such an important open source movement. Don’t let anyone tell you that R is just a fringe technology. A huge list of organisations use it - from the biggest multinationals to the smallest startups.

Finally, if you are using a particular tool or solution - then find a good source of information for that and get into the habit of checking those sites regularly.

If you use all or some of the sites I have mentioned then you will quickly absorb a lot of new information about Big Data - but don’t forget to look at these sites critically as you’ll get a lot more of of them that way!

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