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IAPA Queensland Event Report - 8 May 2014

Tuesday, 30th September 2014

Our keynote speaker was Luke Traini, General Manager of Lotteries at RSL Queensland.

Under Luke's management, RSL Queensland have achieved an impressive use of analytics that has contributed to significant growth in their lottery revenue. They have achieved excellent insight into customer online behaviours. The use of predictive analytics is a key aspect of their analytics strategy.

The key takeaways from Luke’s presentation, for any organisation thinking about advanced or predictive analytics is that:


  1. You don't need to be a large or global organisation to get great returns from advanced analytics, and a mega budget is not necessary to achieve that return.
  2. Luke demonstrated great passion in the use of advanced analytics, and EXECUTED it very effectively for significant benefit to RSL Queensland.  Driving it from the business side is key
  3. Simpler predictive algorithms can be most effective in terms of effort to use versus the return they provide.


Unfortunately we can’t provide Luke’s slides as there is competitive advantage for RSL in the methods that were presented. A list of some of the resources he uses is posted with this article.

Luke has kindly offered to have further conversations with attendees who may be wishing to execute similar strategies in their organisations. Contact Luke via LinkedIn.

Our second presentation was from Andy Gray, Business Insights Manager, Deloitte Decision Science and Analytics. He recently attended Predictive Analytics World in San Francisco. Andy gave a brief overview of a number of really innovative applications of predictive analytics from around the world. An outline of some of them in attached with this post. Andy has also offered to share some of the insights from this conference. Contact him via LinkedIn.

All in all a very interesting evening indeed, with many thanks to our two presenters for an enthralling evening.

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