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The Analytics of Love

Wednesday, 18th February 2015

The analytics of love... what the real behaviour shows on RSVP.

As presented by Grant Lubowski, Strategy Manager, RSVP on Tuesday 17 February 2015.

...what the online behaviour shows...

Politics do matter when looking for compatibility. Political persuasion is important when looking for a date. Although most Australians might not consider politics to be important when asking someone out on a date, RSVP trends show that this does have an impact on your likelihood of getting a positive response when you’re approaching someone online. People without a strong political persuasion will have more success in general because they are attractive to both left and right wing voters. Left wing voters are 35% more successful with other left-wingers than in general and right wing voters are 39% more successful with other right-wingers than in general.

Common sporting interests are less important than music tastes. Australia considers itself a sporting nation however member behaviour shows that common sport interests are less important than common music tastes. RSVP member behaviour shows that singles with a mutual interest in classical, blues, jazz, folk, latin and soul all have more success with people of the same music tastes. Sport interests are less important when deciding whether to pursue someone. However, AFL is one sport where a common interest leads to substantially more success – chances of success are increased 23% when there is a mutual interest in AFL.

Drinking and eating habits matter when Australians are looking for someone to date. Non-drinkers are 31% less successful with drinkers than non-drinkers. Meanwhile, drinkers are 20% more interested in drinkers than in non-drinkers. Vegetarians have 37% more success with other vegetarians than in general, while people with no dietary preference have 14% more success with others than with vegetarians.

Size does matter. The ideal height difference is when the man is 15cm taller than the woman. And shorter women get less contact, but are more likely to say yes!

And the idea of a cougar is called into question. A 20-25 year old male has 60% less chance of success with a 35-40 year old female.

We’ve studied the behaviour of our members and distilled a snapshot of characteristics that make up the most desirable or popular singles.

  • Smoking is definitely out.
  • Politics are muddled.
  • Drinking habits are social.
  • And green eyes are the most popular with both single men and women.
  • Pets are in. We also know that singles like to see the softer side of other potential suitors and RSVP members with pets are more likely to be contacted.

We hope this helps should you wish to update your profile...

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