In 2012 Harvard Business Review described data science as “the sexiest job of the 21st century”. Contrarian futurists claim that robotics will relieve humanity of repetitive manual work and AI will have data scientists ushered (by robots) to the unemployment queue (or early retirement). 

Will data science as we recognise it be around in 2030, or will analytics professionals go the way of the typing pool & humans be freed to enjoy uninterrupted lives of leisure? 

Join us on 23 February to hear from Dr Stephen Garner -  a data scientist and co-author of the future-focussed chapter 'Modeling the Impacts of Disruptive Technologies and Pricing on Electricity Consumption' in the book "Future of Utilities - Utilities of the Future" - discuss what data scientists might expect in an AI-infused future. 

A special addition - we'll also review the results from the 2016 Skills and Salary Survey.

A networking session and light refreshments will follow the presentations.

This event is part of the IAPA series of state-based events on 'The Future of Work'.


About the speaker - Dr Stephen Garner

Data Scientist
Ergon Energy

Dr Stephen Garner is a data scientist, quant strategist, MATLAB developer and choice architect. He joined Ergon Energy in 2011 as a research analyst. His interests involve developing data processing and analytics tools to help the business understand the distribution network and implement appropriate new technologies. 

Prior to Ergon, he worked in finance and funds management. The majority of his career has involved highly quantitative work in engineering, geophysics and software development. He has a BSc with Japanese Language, BSc Hons 1 and PhD in Microelectronic Engineering (Electrical Geophysics).


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