Join IAPA WA for the future of work, where Damian Bramanis will take us on a journey of how work is changing; how people are collaborating today, and how they have used robotic process automation to change their own work. 

Damian is the CEO of Busybot, the fifth most active bot on Slack, the messaging and collaboration platform used daily by more then 4 million users worldwide, including many software engineers and data scientists. The Slack platform is growing faster than social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

One of the big challenges Damian will discuss is dealing with massive growth in demand and number of users; and finding ways to meet that demand with a very tiny team and budget. Busybot currently support over half a million users, predominantly US-based, but covering 166 countries.

Damian will explain the ways that Busybot:

- Automates entire departments with robots and code to provide around-the-clock operations

- Ruthlessly cut scope, focusing efforts on the most important 5% (and how that 5% is chosen)

- Chooses the right metrics to run the business - and what they've learnt from the top Silicon Valley companies

- Might evolve to be a bot of the future, fuelled up on artificial intelligence and integral to work in the future.

A special addition - the evening will include a review of the results from the 2016 Skills and Salary Survey.

Light refreshments follow during the networking session.

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This event is part of the IAPA series of state-based events on 'The Future of Work'.

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