I am thrilled to tell you that IAPA SA team  won three National awards in the recent GovHack competition, in addition to three State awards including the State Strategic Priorities Prize. 

Attracted by the community-oriented philosophy behind the Govhack the team decided to tackle a problem with real social value.

The team was shocked to learn that 23% of children younger than 5 yo in Australia are at risk in their emotional, physical or other development, and decided to understand  the drivers of poor child developmental outcomes via analysis of relevant SA data. Then we visualised the findings. We built a  Web dataviz app that allows decision makers to design efficient intervention scenarios. We also built a Web app to help the public assess the risks in their community and find resources for help and education.

We usually apply Analytics in commercial environment  to drive sales, optimise services and reduce risk, so it was nice to be able to apply its power in a very socially relevant way!

Roger Noble, the team's Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation expert noted "Our complementary skills in Web technology and Analytics were a perfect mix".

Dr Marcus Brownlow, the BI and Analytics expert said: "We believe that the younger demographic of tech-savvy and socially aware data scientists, together with the growing trend towards entrepreneurship and start-up culture, place South Australia in an excellent position to participate in the growing Digital Economy."

Inna Kolyshkina
SA Chapter Head.

Our full award list is shown below.

National awards

Best analysis (awarded by CSIRO)

Greatest potential for research impact (awarded by Intersect)

Best data visualisation highlighting SA (awarded by SA Office of CIO) 

SA awards

Unleashed Strategic Priorities Prize

Every Chance for Every Child Prize

Best Data Visualisation – SA Only 

SA Honourable Mentions:

MEGA entrepreneurship program scholarship,Distillery commercial mentoring, DataSpark Most promising developer


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