On 23rd June, IAPA Queensland had the privilege of a presentation from Chris Malcolm, Head of Customer Insights at Credit Union Australia (CUA) on “Some Insights to Customer Insights”

Chris provided an outstanding presentation and a great story of the successes of customer insight analytics at CUA to 45 very interested attendees, who also provided strong audience participation throughout.

Chris demonstrated that he is both a high business performer and an excellent presenter and communicator.

There were three messages in Chris’ presentation that particularly resonated with me:

  1. Chris showed a picture of a rather sad looking Porsche sport car with crushed front end and flat tyre. The metaphor was that even though CUA had a market leading tool to do customer analytics it was not being used to deliver to its “sports car” performance promise. Chris’ team has since turned that around to the tool being well tuned and a core component in their custom insight processes and its success. The message here is that a sophisticated analytics tool of its own will not deliver good outcomes. The CAPABILITY of the organisation to use it effectively is critical. A Porsche in the hands of an unskilled driver will probably lead to bad outcomes in a professional racing scenario.  
  2. The skills of a data scientist in Chris’ view should be centred on their attention to detail and be able to work the data to maximum effect, yet even more important is their ability to engage with the business to understand the business perspective and to be able to communicate well with the business to explain the customer insights proposition.
  3. It is important to measure the business value of the insight program, agreeing that with the business to ensure a strong collaborative relationship and an agreed model for measuring the value of customer insight analytics. To quote Chris, “Create the business case for change and sign up for the benefits”

Thanks gain to Chris and to all of our attendees for making this a highly interesting and engaging event.

The next IAPA Queensland event is on 22nd September, further details to be advised.

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