Hear Talent Analytics's Greta Roberts discuss 'Data science solves “the other churn” problem: Employee churn' at the IAPA National Conference on July 30.


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Greta also recently appeared in the media:

Which-50: How to use analytics to predict and improve employee value

People are notoriously bad at making hiring decisions. So says Greta Roberts, CEO of the Cambridge, Massachussetts-based predictive analytics outfit Talent Analytics. “It’s the reason we are up to our eyes in attrition work and performance work.”

Roberts is speaking at the Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising (ADMA) BI and Analytics conference* in Sydney at the end of July.

To reinforce the point, she recounts stories of companies experiencing annual attrition rates of 100 per cent. “We have seen call centres set up in a city, hire everyone who is hirable in that city several times over and then have to shut down all of their properties, move cities, and start hiring everyone else in the new city all over again. This is literally happening.”

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