Hear Jawbone's Senior Data Scientist, Brian Wilt, discuss 'Dream BIG: How Wearables and Data Help You Live Healthier' at the IAPA National Conference on July 30.

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Brian also recently appeared in the media:

Which-50: In wearables, data is the product says Jawbone's senior data scientist

Increasingly, data is the product. That’s certainly the case for the innovative consumer tech and wearables company Jawbone, which took its name from its devices’ ability to sense vibrations in the jawbone to deliver voice recognition.

Senior Data Scientist Brian Wilt told Which-50, “Data really marries together our hardware and software story, and helps us with our mission to build products that solve a problem for you and help remove friction from your daily life. So the exciting thing for us is that we are building things where the product is data in some sense.”

It is a theme Wilt will explore in his presentation to the ADMA Global Forum’s BI and Analytics Lab in Sydney later this month.* “Data allows us to make experiences that are seamless, that are personal and that are tailored to your life’s needs,” he says.

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