Hear Bank of America's Minakshi Srivastava discuss 'Application of predictive analytics in credit risk optimisation' at the IAPA National Conference on July 30.

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Minakshi also recently appeared in the media:

Which-50: Data decision-making increases, tech improves, leaders more comfortable: Bank of America VP 

During more than a decade in data analysis with companies like GE, Capgemini and Deloitte, and now as the Vice President in Bank of America’s Consumer & Business Lending group, Minakshi Srivastava has seen dramatic changes in how data analytics is understood and utilised. Srivastava spoke to Which-50 in advance of her presentation to the ADMA BI and Analytics Lab in Sydney in late July.

In her role as part in Bank of America’s consumer banking group, Srivastava has a specific oversight of risk management activities. “We look into the risk management of the group, at things like how to identify and mitigate risk in the consumer banking area.”

In her presentation to ADMA, she will discuss Bank of America’s approach to credit risk problems, the stages at which risk is identified and how risk is quantified. And, of course, the role that analytics plays in this...

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