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Customer Experience Monitoring and Analytics

Understanding your customer’s experience with your business

Billions of dollars are spent by enterprises worldwide, on analysis of their internal systems, to establish if predetermined Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreements are being met.

If only one moving part fails in the chain of process, the customer sees overall failure. The Billion dollar spend on silos of Business Intelligence will not highlight this failure.

Organisations need to:

  1. See it from the Customer’s point of view?
  2. Identify what to do to behind the scenes to improve matters as seen from the Customer’s view point?

What is needed is a system that continually monitors Customer Satisfaction based on actual customer experience.

 Through re-assembling all the moving parts into an integrated view of each transaction with each customer, (we call this an episode), the total customer experience can be monitored.  Each transaction instance is an event-sequence in the total episode. Stitch these events together provides a single total experience or episode.

Understanding the entire customer engagement cycle is imperative to ensuring high-service quality, exceeding your customers’ expectations and creating long term loyalty. It will also drive:

  • Satisfactory online customer self-service, improving the customer experience and improving operational efficiency
  • Reduce customer churn through inadequate business rules and process
  • Customer engagement improvements, customer loyalty and valuable word of mouth” references and endorsements

By adding sophisticated business intelligence layers and dashboards to data collected in "all the moving parts" and transformed into customer experience episodes, enterprises can outperform their competitors, by getting closer to their customers and delivering services and goods that better match expectations.

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