About IAPA

The Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA) is the professional organisation for the analytics industry in Australia, incorporating business analytics and data mining across multiple disciplines and sectors.

While analytics, in some form, has been practiced in the business sector for some time, a new area has emerged - predictive business intelligence and data mining - that has seen analytics become an integral part of most business disciplines including Risk, Operations, Marketing, Strategy and Fraud/Compliance. Analytics is increasingly being seen as a fundamental enabler to business planning, cost management, market research, customer insight, contact optimisation and channel relevance. With the exponential growth in available data, analytics is a growing profession in both number and stature in Australian business and public sectors.

Our mission

Our mission is to unite, inform, support and promote analytics professionals in Australia. We provide information sources, a virtual community, a networking hub and a professional identity. We promote the benefits of analytics in modern business.

IAPA will be a nucleus of all aspects of the Analytics profession, providing information and support to its members. We emphasise the increasingly strategic role played by data analysis in the business arena and are committed to developing recognition of analytics professionals in the wider business community and establishing standards of practice, excellence, accreditation and education.

In late 2011, with the re-launch of our online presence via a modern infrastructure that easily enables forums, member blogs, member connection and dialogue; IAPA will become an increasingly connected community providing further value to both members and sponsors.

IAPA Membership

IAPA's membership has now reached over 1,500 professionals (and growing) from over 500 organisations, with approximately 70 percent from Industry. IAPA members represent a diverse range of industry verticals and well-known brands including:

  • Financial services (banking, insurance, superannuation, wealth)
  • Government
  • Utilities
  • Retail & FMCG
  • Telecommunications
  • Media

Leading analytical consultants (from both the Big 4 and specialists) and software providers are also active members.

IAPA, in line with other professional associations and as a not-for-profit, needs sponsors to ensure the Institute is on a sound financial and organisational footing and can meet its financial obligations. Funding provided by sponsors also helps to reduce costs of membership and thus encourages members to maintain their affiliation with IAPA.

Sponsors assist the organisation in keeping members up-to-date with tools and techniques used in analytics and with broader industry trends. In addition, sponsors can facilitate liaison with other professional bodies and analytic communities of practice in Australia and overseas. In short, the continuing support of sponsors is essential for the continued growth of IAPA.

IAPA Structure

IAPA currently operates four chapters in Australia - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. Each Chapter runs Quarterly events that highlight leading practice from industry and provide a unique networking opportunity for our members.

Chapter heads are also IAPA Board members and oversee the association activities on behalf of members. All Board members are practising analytics professionals, holding senior positions across various industry verticals.

The current Board Chairman is Doug Campbell - Director, Deloitte Analytics. Doug has over 15 years of experience in analytics, harnessing massive data inflows to assist business strategy and operations, particularly within the marketing function. From early days in CRM initiatives at SAS to strategic marketing and forensic analytics projects at Deloitte, Doug provides relevant insights for some of the most successful organisations in Australia.